How to choose the ideal stone?


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There are three important elements in the decoration and finishing of a house: beauty, strength, and sophistication. That is why your countertops game needs to be on point.


Why do you need stone countertops?


  • High durability
  • Unique beauty
  • Impact resistance
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Resistance to climatic changes such as humidity and sun
  • Variety of colours
  • Shapes, textures, and more.


There is a wide variety of types of stone that can be used to broaden the personality of the place and ensure an incredible first impression of your home. By using them on the facade, you ensure that your home stands out from the rest.

Below, we separated two popular types. Check it out, get inspired, and make your choice.




Although granite is a coating stone wall and its appearance is well known. First of all, it is important to highlight some aspects that differentiate it from a stone very similar.


In addition to having more mixed colours because of the internal disposition of minerals – which makes the appearance of granite more luminous and less smooth – it is harder and stronger than marble. It is possible to find granites with brushed, flamed, and sandblasted finishes, in addition to several options with different patterns and colours.


Granite is resistant to contact with rain, sun, and dust and to impact, scratches, and stains. This means that the good look of the stone can last for decades.


Thus, it becomes a very resistant option, in addition to being beautiful, combining two valuable benefits for those who are renovating the facade of the house. It can also be used for floors and walls in the internal area of the house, in rooms such as the living room and kitchen.




Quartz is resistant, and its main component is quartz.


It is a stone much in demand for its beauty, which resembles marble.  Quartz can have scarce colours and is highly valued for that.


It is a very sophisticated external stone that resembles marble. Despite being highly sought after for its beauty, it leaves something to be desired in durability and resistance to the sun and chemicals.  It can also be used on the floor and interior wall.


When creating a frontage of a house lined with stones, remember to align the style of the exterior with the interior of the house. So you have a complete project, which will make you very happy every time you get home.


Remember to also evaluate the types of flooring for outdoor and indoor areas. For more information, contact us or visit our showroom location. Also, check out our other blogs for more information.











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Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Calgary


A pitch of a ktichen with new quartz countertops.

These days, everybody talks about quartz, so we’re going to talk about quartz countertops’ hype. For a variety of different purposes, people use quartz countertops. First of all, it’s super powerful. It’s nearly indestructible and not porous; it doesn’t scratch as easily and hard to get stained.
You can also purchase countertops of quartz, which are identical to other products. You don’t pay for the marble price tag, though. People love to buy fake marble courts, and courts look like marble. Quartz is the market’s longest-lasting countertop. It is more efficient than granite and marble. It’s far better than any rivalry. This is unknown to many people, but quartz is non-porous and absorbent.

It doesn’t stain, all you have to do is take a towel with water and clean it off, and nothing happens to your quartz countertop. It’s great stuff. Suppose you are a busy person and have children with no time to clean, so that is why you will love quartz counters. You can get up in the morning and not have any worries. Have fun at the counter in the mornings, go ahead, cook, make tea, spread something, take a rag and clean everything up with no problem.

When you’re redecorating, you might be finding out the different shapes and sizes when you begin to shop for quartz countertops—some descriptions such as counters that are human-made. In conjunction with the pigment of the resin and other components crushed up.
Quartz countertops are fascinating on the market today. In the interior,
the countertops of quartz are tiny mirror pieces. All these different mixed materials offer a distinctive look to quartz. It is because of its manufacturing process that quartz is so common today.
These new processes have allowed designers to develop different solutions. It looks like any design will go with it.

Add quartz countertops because the price is right, the installation is simple and long-lasting. Perhaps you take a white cabinet kitchen and add these cabinets with straight grey quartz. When you get the stainless steel appliances, it looks fantastic. If you go for a more futuristic style in the white cabinets’ grey countertops, go for a white quartz countertop with a white cabinet or white quartz countertop and a grey collection.

My third preference is quartz splendidly. The sparkling quartz is excellent. They have many white and grey and broken shiny metal, bringing glow and pop to your kitchen.


To learn more about our Granite and Quartz, check out one of our other blogs. Still have questions? Need any additional help, contact us for more. In Calgary, come down to our showroom.


A pitch of a ktichen with new quartz countertops.

Our 2 Favourite Countertops Materials For Kitchens In Calgary


a picture of a granite countertop in calgary canada.

Picking the precise material for your bathroom or kitchen countertop is crucial. After all, the countertop material long term will increase your house’s value. 


In this part of the Stoned Inc website, we want to share the most popular quartz and granite countertops in Calgary homes today. 


Quartz Countertops


Quartz takes any kitchen Countertops or bathroom countertops to the next level. One of the most rigid countertop materials possible, quartz will provide durable service for decades while sustaining its natural beauty.


Quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops are available in many colours, from light to dark, with designs featuring brown creams and grays, Making quartz countertops super appealing. This is because they can be magnified with the colourant to design nearly any colour you can imagine while giving the look and feel of natural stone.


Seams between slabs are less noticeable than between concrete or natural stone slabs. Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed, but natural stone needs to. The rigid surface is resistant to scratches. Great options for colour, pattern, texture, and finish while extremely durable. 

We are skilled at working with quartz. We have been blessed to have ample experience over the last several years, with over 750 installations constructed.


With quartz countertops, you can expect your quartz choice from leading manufacturers, such as Caesarstone, Vicostone, and TCE.


Low maintenance


No sealing required


Granite Countertops


Granite countertops are grand. Their classic charm exuded distinction in the kitchen and bathroom, and matched with outstanding durability, the granite countertops you pick could be the last countertops your home will ever see. 


Countertops made from granite needs the commitment to make sure they stay pristine. They are a significant investment, but if you’re committed to their attention and upkeeping, granite countertops will present the appearance and display you want for the foreseeable future. 


Granite is among the most beautiful countertop materials. Superb strength and durability with precise attention.


Resistant to scratches and damage from heat such as pans and kettles. Reliable stain resistance and easy to wipe when sealed correctly. The traditional stone countertop. Granite is durable and beautiful.


With granite countertops, you can expect low maintenance. Annual sealing required. Choose granite from one of the leading manufacturers, such as Mondial.


To learn more about our Granite and Quartz, check out one of our other blogs. Still have questions? Need any additional help, contact us for more. In Calgary, come down to our showroom

A picture of kitchen with new granite countertops




5 Questions About Quartz & Granite Countertops In Calgary


A picture of a new renovated kitchen with new countertops. Made from quartz slap.

Many questions and research are involved when people decide to make changes to their countertops. Who do we buy it from? Where can we get quality countertops in Calgary? Who is trained enough to install these countertops? The questions go on. Well, today, we want to share some of the questions we often get when it comes to new countertops. With any new investment, you want to maintain it to keep it feeling brand new. We want your countertops looking and feeling as fresh as the day you got them installed. These questions and answers will give you a better idea about preventing damage to your countertops and make sure they remain valuable. Some common questions we get:

  1. Will quartz countertops burn?

  2. Will granite countertops stain?

  3. Will quartz countertops scratch?

  4. Will granite countertops crack?

  5. Will quartz countertops increase home value?

  1. Will quartz countertops burn?

Quartz countertops are heat resistant, but it can affect the quartz countertop if the temperature is too high. This means you can not place hot objects directly on the quartz countertop. This includes pans, pots, kettles coming off your burners. The resin can burn and permanently damage your quartz countertops.

  1. Will granite countertops stain?

No material is 100% stainproof, granite countertops are unique, stainproof— and that also includes light colours! The hardness and durability of the natural stone resist the staining of granite. 

  1. Will quartz countertops scratch?

Quartz countertops are not entirely unbreakable. This type of countertop is substantial to scratches. Compared to other natural stone countertops, quartz can make chip or scratch indeed, especially if it clashes excessive use and pressure. However, suppose scratches or chips eventually appear, you can have them professionally filled in and repaired.

  1. Will granite countertops crack?

Granite countertops are quite durable, but a crack may appear hit with a heavy object. Even a hard hit or placing a lot of weight on the granite countertop could lead to a cracked situation.

  1. Will quartz countertops increase home value?

Quartz countertops need simple care requirements, which is one of the top reasons to upgrade to quartz countertops. There’s no action required to seal quartz countertops, unlike other natural stones. You can be confident that your quartz countertop investment will be beneficial when it comes to the resale value. Not to mention you will admire it too.

These are questions we get often. Although these countertops are durable, there is a small chance of wear and tear, but with care and keep in mind to treat your countertops gently, they should look new for many years. Remind those in your household to follow simple guidelines to ensure no damage is done. For more readings about countertops and our services, check out our last blog: 3 Different Types Of Countertops – Calgary or contact us for any questions you may have about countertops in Calgary. 


3 Different Types Of Countertops – Calgary


A Calgary Kitchen with a new countertop

Want to know all of the options before selecting the right countertop for your home? 

One of the significant aspects of kitchen design that goes beyond aesthetics is the proper countertop choice. It’s an investment that you want to last for many years, but your way of living is more important than your preference for decoration when deciding the perfect type of countertop. 

Honestly, think about it and ask yourself these questions. How often do you cook in the kitchen for your family? Do you partake in weekly meal planning? Are you a baker? Perhaps you had new beauty countertops. Would it annoy you if you even noticed a crack or even the smallest amount of damage? When it comes to hardness and longevity, and resistance to hot temperatures and stains, all countertops have their advantages and disadvantages.

As far as kitchen designs are concerned, do you rely on a natural stone or fabricated composite material instead? Would you even want a countertop stone? While you may have a colour or theme in mind, if the countertop material isn’t perfect, there’s a possibility that you’ll second guess your decision.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have grown in popularity as of late. Marble is still a top choice because of its aesthetics and high-end new designs. This natural stone instantly raises the kitchen’s environment, giving a clean, contemporary feel. There is something about a bright white marble finish, but marble countertops are available in various colours, including shades of grey, brown, taupe, and even orange. Marble countertops are like snowflakes, and no two marble countertops are precisely the same. 

One of the unique features of marble is that it retains a naturally low temperature, making it suitable for people who enjoy baking. Marble is a large surface to roll out and shape the dough.

This type of countertop can also be more economical than you would think. Although marble looks upscale and elegant, some marble styles, such as Carrara, can be budget-friendly.

Quartz Countertops

Do you have a big family, cook a bunch of meals, or want a long-lasting countertop to assure you your investment will last? The best option for you might then be quartz countertops. Perhaps you are shocked to find that the quartz countertops are not made of 100% quartz but are a hybrid stone made of natural quartz combined with a resin binder. This stone is also non-porous, surprisingly tough and never needs re-screening.

Since they are human-made, quartz countertops are an excellent way to get the appearance of natural stones such as marble or granite without thinking about durability. 

Granite Countertops

For several years granite countertops have become the standard because they are a natural stone with a long life. Granite is available with all types of stains and combinations in various dark and light colours. Granite can also be cut with several edge options, including a cube, bevelled, and a half and complete bullnose.

Granite countertops need very little maintenance and are quickly treated, but harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided. Granite washing requires only a small amount of soap and water. Some granites are more porous than others, and I need daily screening to prevent blemishes.

Granite is heat-resistant. You can take pots from the oven directly and position them on the granite counter. It’s not advisable to cut granite now; this stone is so severe that your knives get dull.

We have explained three different types of kitchen countertops. So if you are in Calgary and are interested in getting countertops installed, contact us. We would be happy to answer any question you may have about marble, quartz, or granite countertops. Want to read more from our Calgary countertop experts? Check out our last blog: How To Clean Marble Counter Tops


How To Clean Marble Countertops?


Marble Countertops Calgary

Let’s be honest; the feeling you get cleaning marble countertops is one of the most fantastic cleaning feelings. The smoothness of wiping down the countertops makes it fun in a way. The texture of the countertop adds to the experience. Marble countertops are an investment and need to be well maintained to keep their beauty. Let’s see how we can keep our marble countertops looking so fresh and clean.

Clean Your Marble Countertops

We want to keep the stone natural and looking fantastic with the right love and care. Since marble is a natural stone and is full of unique colour designs and a magnificent feel, it is essential to make sure that we take care of our beautiful marble countertops. Marble countertops are durable so let’s make sure they catch your guest’s eye. We know that some substances can damage the marble surface. We need to avoid letting these substances get into your countertop. Some regular kitchen items to prevent splashing on your countertop is lemon juice, vinegar, basically anything acidic.

Tips To Clean Your Marble Countertops

Here are our tips for cleaning your marble countertops. Please stay away from soap products that contain acid in them. Some non-abrasive dish soap with warm water works best. Make sure to scrub gently and wipe off all of the soap substances. Some might think it is strange but using a squeegee to get rid of soap scum from building up. After wiping down your countertops, it is wise not to let the remaining particles from building up. It is crucial to dry the countertop after wiping it down. Don’t leave any streaks or water spots.

Put Other Surfaces On Your Marble Countertops

Some additional tips are using cutting boards and coasters. The liquids from food can get into your countertops, and we want to avoid that all entirely. By using the countertop as a surface for your meal prep, overtime will deteriorate your marble countertops, so that is why we suggest using other covers for your meal prep. We also recommend using trays and bowls when possible. Let your sauces, sprays sit on a surface rather than your countertops.

Bonus Tips For Your Marble Countertops

It is important to remind others to use countertops daily to keep in mind all of the best procedures. Everyday use of the countertops will affect the countertops’ quality in the long run. It is vital that everyone is on the same page and take care of marble every time the countertop is used.


If you don’t clean your countertops, you waste your investment in a way. Let’s keep an honest effort to clean up any spills right away. We use other surfaces on top of the marble countertops instead of the countertop. Let’s not leave any residue and make sure we dry our countertops. For more information about countertops, whether it be granite, quartz or installation, contact us, and we would be happy to help.

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What Are The Benefits Of Quartz Countertops?


Quartz Kitchen Countertop Calgary

Quartz Countertops

Are you thinking of remodelling your kitchen countertops or even building a new one from nothing? Believe it or not, choosing the right countertops can be challenging, but at the same time very exciting. 

Have you heard of Quartz Countertops? Recently, Quartz Countertops have been getting a lot of praise because of their quality and characteristics. The appearance catches people’s eyes. They are durable compared to other products. Quartz Countertops are also more robust than different types of countertops. So, if you are in Calgary looking for Quartz Counters, Stoned Inc has you covered. But, if you are still unsure about the benefits of Quartz Countertops, keeping reading. 

Quartz Countertops Benefits

  1. Stain Resistant

  2. Low Maintenance

  3. Versatility

  4. Durable

  5. Stain Resistant

If you want to keep your counters stain-free, then Quartz is the way to go. Because of the non-porous composition, you will find that quartz countertops are quite effective against stains. When anything spills onto countertops, some of the liquid will fall in pores of some stone, but with Quartz that is less likely to happen than Granite and Marble. So fight the battle with your typical kitchen liquids with the help of Quartz Countertops. Avoid accumulating different types of bacteria over some time. Keep your countertops clean. 

Low Maintenance 

Quartz countertops don’t need much maintenance, which is a big reason why people Quartz. Other countertops need to be sealed, but with Quartz, you don’t need to do that. Cleaning quartz countertops is simple because of it’s texture. You need the bare cleaning essentials, just soap and water. Countertops aren’t just for looking at, but taking care of them should give some peace to mind that what happens in the kitchen won’t stay in your countertops, and Quartz gives you that peace of mind. Focus on other house tasks/projects while knowing you won’t need too much time to upkeep your quartz countertop.


I know we mentioned that Quartz is excellent for your kitchen, but why stop there? Install Quartz in other parts of your house. Quartz makes fantastic and fancy material for bathrooms, fireplaces, bars, and any further details of your home. Since this martial is exceptionally versatile, enjoy installing different types of quartz-based on their colours and designs. 


Quartz countertops are the definition of durable. If you’re reaching different types of material that won’t crack, scratch, or get chipped easily, you can’t go wrong with Quartz. Some people don’t realize that quartz countertops can be the most durable surface in your home. Having said, quartz durability doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. It is always possible to scratch or chip quartz, depending on how you treat it daily. But, since its hard surface composition, there are little low chances of damaging your quartz countertops on a regular, everyday basis. 


If you are looking for high quality, low maintenance, attractive countertop, then buying quartz material is the way to go. They won’t harbour stains compared to other materials. With its low maintenance, you won’t need to worry about everyday operations on the quartz surface, and that’s the beauty of quartz countertops, buy it, install it, wipe it down and know that there is a low chance of ware and tear. Don’t limit your quartz countertop to the kitchen. There are other areas in your home where you can install beautiful quartz material in your home. So if you are looking for more information about install quartz in your home, contact us for more information, and we can even give you an in-house estimate.