3 Different Types Of Countertops – Calgary


A Calgary Kitchen with a new countertop

Want to know all of the options before selecting the right countertop for your home? 

One of the significant aspects of kitchen design that goes beyond aesthetics is the proper countertop choice. It’s an investment that you want to last for many years, but your way of living is more important than your preference for decoration when deciding the perfect type of countertop. 

Honestly, think about it and ask yourself these questions. How often do you cook in the kitchen for your family? Do you partake in weekly meal planning? Are you a baker? Perhaps you had new beauty countertops. Would it annoy you if you even noticed a crack or even the smallest amount of damage? When it comes to hardness and longevity, and resistance to hot temperatures and stains, all countertops have their advantages and disadvantages.

As far as kitchen designs are concerned, do you rely on a natural stone or fabricated composite material instead? Would you even want a countertop stone? While you may have a colour or theme in mind, if the countertop material isn’t perfect, there’s a possibility that you’ll second guess your decision.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops have grown in popularity as of late. Marble is still a top choice because of its aesthetics and high-end new designs. This natural stone instantly raises the kitchen’s environment, giving a clean, contemporary feel. There is something about a bright white marble finish, but marble countertops are available in various colours, including shades of grey, brown, taupe, and even orange. Marble countertops are like snowflakes, and no two marble countertops are precisely the same. 

One of the unique features of marble is that it retains a naturally low temperature, making it suitable for people who enjoy baking. Marble is a large surface to roll out and shape the dough.

This type of countertop can also be more economical than you would think. Although marble looks upscale and elegant, some marble styles, such as Carrara, can be budget-friendly.

Quartz Countertops

Do you have a big family, cook a bunch of meals, or want a long-lasting countertop to assure you your investment will last? The best option for you might then be quartz countertops. Perhaps you are shocked to find that the quartz countertops are not made of 100% quartz but are a hybrid stone made of natural quartz combined with a resin binder. This stone is also non-porous, surprisingly tough and never needs re-screening.

Since they are human-made, quartz countertops are an excellent way to get the appearance of natural stones such as marble or granite without thinking about durability. 

Granite Countertops

For several years granite countertops have become the standard because they are a natural stone with a long life. Granite is available with all types of stains and combinations in various dark and light colours. Granite can also be cut with several edge options, including a cube, bevelled, and a half and complete bullnose.

Granite countertops need very little maintenance and are quickly treated, but harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided. Granite washing requires only a small amount of soap and water. Some granites are more porous than others, and I need daily screening to prevent blemishes.

Granite is heat-resistant. You can take pots from the oven directly and position them on the granite counter. It’s not advisable to cut granite now; this stone is so severe that your knives get dull.

We have explained three different types of kitchen countertops. So if you are in Calgary and are interested in getting countertops installed, contact us. We would be happy to answer any question you may have about marble, quartz, or granite countertops. Want to read more from our Calgary countertop experts? Check out our last blog: How To Clean Marble Counter Tops