What Are The Benefits Of Quartz Countertops?


Quartz Kitchen Countertop Calgary

Quartz Countertops

Are you thinking of remodelling your kitchen countertops or even building a new one from nothing? Believe it or not, choosing the right countertops can be challenging, but at the same time very exciting. 

Have you heard of Quartz Countertops? Recently, Quartz Countertops have been getting a lot of praise because of their quality and characteristics. The appearance catches people’s eyes. They are durable compared to other products. Quartz Countertops are also more robust than different types of countertops. So, if you are in Calgary looking for Quartz Counters, Stoned Inc has you covered. But, if you are still unsure about the benefits of Quartz Countertops, keeping reading. 

Quartz Countertops Benefits

  1. Stain Resistant

  2. Low Maintenance

  3. Versatility

  4. Durable

  5. Stain Resistant

If you want to keep your counters stain-free, then Quartz is the way to go. Because of the non-porous composition, you will find that quartz countertops are quite effective against stains. When anything spills onto countertops, some of the liquid will fall in pores of some stone, but with Quartz that is less likely to happen than Granite and Marble. So fight the battle with your typical kitchen liquids with the help of Quartz Countertops. Avoid accumulating different types of bacteria over some time. Keep your countertops clean. 

Low Maintenance 

Quartz countertops don’t need much maintenance, which is a big reason why people Quartz. Other countertops need to be sealed, but with Quartz, you don’t need to do that. Cleaning quartz countertops is simple because of it’s texture. You need the bare cleaning essentials, just soap and water. Countertops aren’t just for looking at, but taking care of them should give some peace to mind that what happens in the kitchen won’t stay in your countertops, and Quartz gives you that peace of mind. Focus on other house tasks/projects while knowing you won’t need too much time to upkeep your quartz countertop.


I know we mentioned that Quartz is excellent for your kitchen, but why stop there? Install Quartz in other parts of your house. Quartz makes fantastic and fancy material for bathrooms, fireplaces, bars, and any further details of your home. Since this martial is exceptionally versatile, enjoy installing different types of quartz-based on their colours and designs. 


Quartz countertops are the definition of durable. If you’re reaching different types of material that won’t crack, scratch, or get chipped easily, you can’t go wrong with Quartz. Some people don’t realize that quartz countertops can be the most durable surface in your home. Having said, quartz durability doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. It is always possible to scratch or chip quartz, depending on how you treat it daily. But, since its hard surface composition, there are little low chances of damaging your quartz countertops on a regular, everyday basis. 


If you are looking for high quality, low maintenance, attractive countertop, then buying quartz material is the way to go. They won’t harbour stains compared to other materials. With its low maintenance, you won’t need to worry about everyday operations on the quartz surface, and that’s the beauty of quartz countertops, buy it, install it, wipe it down and know that there is a low chance of ware and tear. Don’t limit your quartz countertop to the kitchen. There are other areas in your home where you can install beautiful quartz material in your home. So if you are looking for more information about install quartz in your home, contact us for more information, and we can even give you an in-house estimate.